Blending traditional Public Relations and Digital Marketing Strategy, Luxe Life Decor offers a variety of services for those in the Luxury Lifestyle and Home Living Categories. Capabilities include PR, Marketing, Product Development, Sales Strategy, Branding, and Web Design. Editors trust us that we only represent the best brands and drive value to their content by truly understanding their outlets and customer base.



Trusted by editors to deliver the best content and strategic pitches based on audience and market trends. A holistic PR strategy approach that includes hands-on styling and client interviews to maximize investments and reduce risk of losing media placements.



Approaching marketing with a 360 view that encompasses our client objects and consumer expectations. Blending impactufl graphics and copy makes the world of difference in capturing the audience within a snapshot view of easily consumable messaging.



Being an artisan maker or fabricator of mass-marketed goods still requires an understanding of your end user. When we are hyper-focused on one product, we tend not to ask ourselves the basic question, is what I'm making going to actually sell and be profitable? That is where we come in.



Investing in projects like a Showcase House or other pop-up type of experiences can be costly. We can help connect your firm with like-minded manufacturers to maximize visibility to your target audience without breaking the bank. The same goes true for brands looking for activations.